We offer beginner,intermediate and advanced Pilates equipment classes

Classes offered:

Open level-Beginner-Intermediate

  1. Pilates Reformer beginner, intermediate, advanced                                    
  2. Pilates Stability Chair
  3. Pilates Mat
  4. Pilates Circuit
  5. Pilates Post Natal

Advanced Group Classes

  1. Pilates Reformer & bellicon
  2. Pilates Reformer & Kettlebells
  3. Pilates Redcord
  4. Pilates Chair & Redcord
  5. Pilates Redcord HIIT


Single Class $35     

5 Classes     $145

10 Classes   $280  


Q & A

How do I know what level I am?

  • If you are not familiar with the five principles of Pilates or Pilates in general then you are a beginner.
  • We consider an intermediate level to be familiar with neutral pelvis, imprinting, breathing, and the names of the exercises. Can adjust your machine and follow the flow of the class? 
  • I am advanced and have been practicing elsewhere: Please call us at the studio before attending class to have a brief discussion of what style of Pilates you have done. This way we can give you an idea of what to expect in class. 312.888.2972

Things to know before you go!

We suggest barefoot or sticky socks, please arrive 5 minutes before class, to meet your teacher, ask any questions and familiarize your with the space and equipment. We provide the towels and water,please bring your own water bottle. All waivers must be signed online before attending class.