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All-Star Athletics

All-Star Athletics is an eight-week program, designed specifically for High School and College level athletes, to increase strength, power, and agility, while decreasing the chance of injury during their season. In this eight-week program your athletes will go through a precise progression of exercises formulated to maximize their physical out-put and meet the goals needed for both the team and individual athlete. 

Our head strength and condition coach will meet with you to devise a customized plan based on your team’s or athlete’s specific challenges and desired goals. Each athlete will receive access to a digital tracker where they can make notes, track progress, and pick exercise modifications, as needed. Both the overall program and individual program allows the flexibility to work with all athletes, regardless of their level of fitness development. Our program is designed to encourage individual success and growth, rather than comparing to others.  Static postural assessments will be the first thing looked at by our team, in order to create a baseline of proper movement throughout the eight-week program.

All Star Athletics will measure the athlete’s success in their ability to move more efficiently in their bodies as opposed to how much more weight they can move, because we believe that efficiency in movement is the most beneficial element in athletic performance.  Our desire is to act as a training complement to your coaching sessions with your team.  Our vision is us working together as a team, having each athlete and team as a whole be the best that they can be!   

Contact Alyssa for more information:

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